Find Vitality and Your Voice within a Story

“It took courage to do a play like this.”  “Thank you for your honesty.”  “We enjoyed it so much!”  These were the audience comments running through my head the morning after our first week-end of performances of Parzifal.

I was still feeling the warmth of the audience’s feedback as I stepped out of my car in downtown Asheville on Sunday morning.  A young woman walking by stopped to say how powerful the performance had been for her.  Later that day, several other people sought me out in a crowded room to tell me how the play had moved them.  These were all people I had never met before.

ON Being Deeply Received and Known

I knew I would be impacted by Healing Theatre as our group worked through each stage of the process.  I was sure that the work would result in personal growth for each of us; I was prepared for movement on that level.

I was totally unprepared for the impact the play would have on others.  I had been told to expect a period of mini-celebrity after the performance, but had not anticipated the depth of response from those who shared the experience as part of the audience.

While the work had been ours, the sharing of it reached much farther.  There was a dawning awareness in me that the stories we told, and the method by which we chose to tell them, touched others in ways we could not have imagined.

I am thankful for the Healing Theatre experience,

its impact on my life, and the ripple effect the

performances generated.

Margaret Whittmore, RN


One Woman's Reflection on What Happened in the Wake

of Being in a Healing Theatre Lab Performance