What Healing theatre Audiences Are Saying

Find Vitality and Your Voice within a Story

“This is the best theater I have ever seen.   I was expecting some kind of therapy type sharing, but it was so professional and evocative.  I did not sit passive.  I found myself deeply impacted by the performance happening in front of me..  It was alive!  And it was with me for days.  Different images, stories and phrases would play in my mind.  Reflecting on what I saw and felt gave me an added courage and strength in living my own life."                                                                                                Brian McKenna, Restaurant Owner

"You know its good art when you feel kicked in the gut.”
                                                                                                Elliot Wadopian, Musician

“The play was very very beautiful.  It gave me a lot of inspiration for some of the changes going on in my life.  By the example and courage of the people on the stage, it was possible for me to leave the performance and go back to my life saying, “I can live my life as an artist.”
                                                                                                Mary Stair, Artist

“I was blown away by the performances I have seen.  People who have never been in front of an audience before found a way to express their innermost selves and sides of themselves that they have had difficulty integrating into their lives.  The spontaneous standing ovations I have been a part of were well deserved and I have been very moved by what I have seen”.
                                                                                                Mort Jonas, Non Profit Consultant

"The Healing Theater performance was a wonderful brave thing.  The wonderful thing for me was that I could see myself in each person who performed.  They expressed something vital that we all share.  I felt honored to be included in witnessing a self-actualizing process happening right in front of me."
                                                                                               Derek Evans, Theater Director

The performance was personally moving and touching.  It was real, and the kind of theater I would want to come back to.
                                                                                               Liz Moe, Occupational Therapist

"As a therapist for several participants, I found Healing Theater an effective catalyst for growth in my clients as well as a warm, positive influence in their lives.  I was highly impressed by the depth of psychological discovery."
                                                                                                Dr. Rachel Brier, Therapist

"It reaffirmed for me that the most important thing is to witness truth and when someone’s truth comes through, no matter how terrible or wonderful it is, it is a realization of God, of being, a realization of that thing that connects us all.  And that was just happening so much (in the performance), just watching people put their truth out there.  I have been to lots of bad theater where there is so much to wade through and yet every moment (of the Healing Theater performance) was filled.  It was a great gift the participants gave themselves and us.
                                                                                                Billy Jonas, Singer/Songwriter

As a psychologist, I can’t imagine any actions more healing to past trauma than actually being able to enact our past selves and relationships, with witnesses, and then move into re-enacting those life segments from our strong loving essence.  I am deeply moved and excited by the Healing Theater and Olivia’s masterful guidance and I highly recommend it to my clients.
                                                                                               Diana Stone, Psychologist

Watching a Healing Theater production unfold is similar to reading a page in someone’s journal.  It is a creative and innovative approach to discovering the deep wounds and pains that we may have buried as we travel through life.
                                                                                               Julie Klein, Chaplain

 Performances of Healing Theater are fascinating.  Being involved in the performance of “Shadowplay” was a turning point for one of my friends in her art and in her life.  The work of Olivia Woodford is compelling, epiphanic, and extraordinary."
                                                                                               Christine Lassiter, Educator

“The performance was one of the highlights of my year.  A truly wonderful, heart-opening evening with so much love, honesty, courage and talent.  I salute the courage, warmth, generosity and willingness the performers had in sharing the most beautiful parts of themselves, the intimate parts of themselves, and with such deep feeling. I also acknowledge the incredible creativity that Olivia had in putting it all together

"Bravo!  What a wonderful, wonderful play!  Its power came from real live people.  I woke up this morning thinking bout the play, thinking what it must have been like for the ‘performers’ to bare their souls in public.  I was overcome with admiration and love for each of them.  What a brave and selfless way to expose us to our own vulnerabilities without preaching.”