Healing Theatre workshops begin with the telling of a story. Olivia's brings her experience as a theater artist to the art of storytelling to enliven and bring a story to life.

As an avid student of the world's mythologies and folktales, Olivia has developed a large collection of stories to draw from.  Having studied world cultures and worked with depth psychology, she has a gift for telling a story, help people understand the archetypal themes of a story and ultimately helps people discover how the story lives in them and they live in the story.

Such that...

Olivia has become a storyteller. She offers evenings where one story or a selection of stories are told.


Discussion following the story helps listeners make connections within the story, and understand its hidden and yet apparent themes,  Perhaps most importantly, the discussion helps listeners find a relationship with the story and the meaning that it has for them.

Please contact Olivia if you wish to host an evening of storytelling.

For individuals interested in receiving one on one coaching on how to shape and express a story they wish to tell, visit Individual Sessions

Also, when storytelling evenings are open to the public, they will appear in the Schedule

Find Vitality and Your Voice within a Story