What Participants Are Saying...

“This workshop has met all my expectations.  It has been a workshop for taking my personal and spiritual growth on the road – the road of integration and embodiment of everyday life.” 

  Vince Newton

“Healing Theatre has been a profound and transformational experience for me.  The result is turning out to be way beyond what I could have possibly concocted in the very wildest places of my imagination: healing, revealing, theatrical, emotional, and oh, so helpful to me.” 

Laurey Masterton

"I have told my story many times in healing circles but Healing Theatre has taken it

to a deeper level of healing. The process has helped me break through…

and to gain more trust and love for myself and others.” 

Jim Wilkinson

[Doing Healing Theatre] was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have had. 

Rich and powerful, it helped me look at aspects of myself that had lived in the shadows for years.

Olivia uses her strong, creative and intuitive skills to bring out what is hidden or silent

and yet is wanting expression and healing.  Presenting the generally unconscious material in an entertaining and yet authentic way was amazing – both scary and exhilarating – definitely empowering.  I highly recommend this work to anyone deeply committed to growth and healing.
Ellen La Penna

“True initiations don’t come often and they don’t come easy. 

True initiations provide us the vehicle to see ourselves for what we are made of. 

Such a vehicle is Healing Theatre."

Skye Mahoney

"The experience provided me with a safe place to explore my deepest wounds and fears. 

It demanded an intimacy and vulnerability that made me dig deep within myself. 

What I pulled out will be with me forever and has profoundly changed my life.” 

Ben Neiman

“…layer after layer was gently shed, and as each layer fell away, from the center of me emerged this voice kept quiet and denied for too long.”  

Noemi Santana

“I am stronger from speaking, from being vulnerable,

and I am grateful for the structure and safety to share my own stories with others and be heard. 

This process has helped me be more real, more grounded and at peace with myself.” 

Liz Moe

“In the process I have grieved ancient griefs and found my passion, and my love for life.” 

Shelly Smith

“Being in a Healing Theatre Lab is like being ‘born again’

and then going out into the marketplace, standing on a soap box and proclaiming,

“I am here…I have arrived…I am humbled at what I found deep inside myself. 

This is what I found.  This is scary but I must tell you what I found. 

In telling you, I own and love my life without apology or exception.” 

Donna Whitaker

“Healing Theatre has been the most in depth, provocative and fun process I have ever done. 

I rejoice in reclaiming the power of my masculinity and the strength I feel

in expressing this energy in my life.  I am a healthier, more alive person now.” 

David Goldstein

“I am bringing forth a level of integrity, strength and courage in areas of my life where this had previously no foundation for success.  The myth is a powerful conduit for this, and Olivia has a powerfully discerning, sensitive and straightforward approach that facilitates this kind of reconnection.” 

Irisha Pomerantzeff

“I signed up for a Healing Theatre workshop to explore new directions. 

I was challenged, inspired and wonderfully surprised by the insights I gained.”

Hilary Burke Porter

“The process has been one of reaching – of going inside myself and bringing forth

that unacknowledged part of me.  I have been carried far beyond my level of comfort…

in order to recognize and honor my feminine power.” 

Margaret Whittemore

Healing Theatre for me gave me an opportunity to reconnect to my creative self

in a very unique way. What I was truly desiring to discover was myself,

but I was terrified at being seen whether I was acting or just being ... 

Healing Theatre created an ally or a bridge across this great abyss in which I had come face to face

with so many times in my life; the thing that kept me from doing what I love:

completing a creative project, whatever it was that kept me from making “any” changes in my life.

I discovered that I had so many stories in my life that were not just experience that happened to me, they held keys to understanding who I am in this world.
Erin Kinney

“Healing Theatre has given me a safe place to allow some of my most vulnerable aspects

to be owned and seen…I am able to walk more confidently into each moment.” '

Rebecca Huda Ramm

“I am finally coming forth. I have more joy back in my life. I am having fun.

I am able and willing to be more loving, serene and compassionate.

Healing Theatre has given me my life in a way I knew was possible.” 

Eloiza Claire

"Many times I have entered a new phase of my life and not even realized it was happening.

This time, I knew it was happening simply by the fact that I was taking the time out

to do this ritual process.  I can’t tell you what to expect from Healing Theatre exactly,

but I can tell you to expect to be surprised.  You will be surprised

at the cast of characters living in your psyche.  My own inner characters were there waiting

and ready to express themselves. They were joyful, poignant and funny.

What was really astonishing was how much the audiences related to and empathized with them.

It was very powerful to affect a room full of people in this way to receive the gratitude they showed.

My life can’t be the same now because I am aware now of the roles I play. 

On this journey, I learned to replace worn out patterns with more authentic expression. 

I know now how it feels to be in a group where it is safe to blunder along or even fall down and still be celebrated, where my emerging self was safe to grow and make mistakes, change, and evolve.

This wasn’t an easy undertaking, but it was fun and very enriching.  If you’re looking for something completely new and different (as I was) to transform yourself, this is it."
Denise Ostler


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