Learning world stories, exploring their archetypes and finding my journey reflected within the story has enriched my life immensely. Diving into a world story enlivens and quickens, connecting me to aspects of myself that nothing else can reach at the same time as connecting me to something larger than myself. 

My ancestors whisper to me through world stories as they have been nurtured, told and that kept alive generation after generation as the cultural treasures they are.  In a mechanistic world focused on rational thought and practical application, world stories speak the language of the soul and help me to remember who I am.

I have been inspired by many people who have dedicated themselves to using mythology as a tool for self-awareness and healing.  Their writings and reflections have been invaluable as I have developed avenues to bring stories to others through workshops, individual sessions, performances and readings. 


Below are links to excerpts from two books that illuminate the power of working with and engaging world myths. 

An excerpt from "Connection between Stories and Healing" from the book 'Coyote Wisdom"

by Lewis Mehl-Medrona, MD, a Cherokee Medicine Man, Recognized for his work with Integrative and Narrative Medicine.

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Quotes from The Power of Myth

by Joseph Campbell

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The Power of Myth

Find Vitality and Your Voice within a Story