Olivia offers individual sessions onsite and on Skype

Exploring a Personal Mythology (4-Session Package)

With the intention set to explore the mythic dimension of an individual's healing, well-being and life path, the client will spend the first session exploring current themes of their life.  From questions posed and the answers the emerge, a world story is selected that the client will work with through the next three sessions.

There will be 'homework' given between each session to deepen the client's connection to the story and to making connections with their own life journey

The world story will evoke stories from within the client's life that will be discussed and re-enacted. 

The client will embody characters within the story and give them a voice as a means to accessing the hidden and yet apparent meaning held within the archetypes of the story.

Theater, Storytelling and Presentation Coach (2-session minimum)

Olivia offers coaching for those interested in shaping a story they wish to present to a designated group.  The story can be a personal one, a mythic/poetic one, a scripted character, or can be the story of a product/service that they wish to formulate. 

Coaching includes experiential exercises that assist the client in stepping 'out of the box' to foster greater connectivity, clear vision and deeper alignment with what is wanting to be expressed.  Coaching also includes suggestions on wording, presentation style, and building confidence. As the goal is to empower the vision, the story and the person telling it, sessions are co-creative with the client's needs and desires influencing the unfoldment of the session.

Once a client has completed one of the above offerings, additional sessions can be scheduled that  are designed with the expressed desires and  interest of the client and can use any combination of traditional theater methods, drama therapy techniques, astrology, world stories, dream interpretation and Healing Theatre techniques. 

Session length:  one hour

Cost:  $60 per session

Individual Sessions

Find Vitality and Your Voice within a Story