Isis and Osiris

Five individuals dove into the Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris and embarked on a journey of love. Together, under the direction of Olivia Woodford, they created a performance that expressed their personal experience of how love was found and lost.  They expressed the road they each walked to healing what had been shattered so that they could fall in love with themselves and life all over again.

What happens when the fire goes out in our lives?  Five men and women braved the dark forest to find renewed passion and vitality.  With the story line of the Russian folktale: Vasilisa, participants re-enacted the story of how the light went out in their life as well as the blessing, the gift that gave them the courage and trust to face the challenge to ignite their life again.

Four women dove into the Persian myth of Inanna to create a performance that re-enacted their life journey and told the story of their initiation into womanhood and the descent they took to reclaim an aspect of themselves that had been separated off.

Beneath the Armour


Eight men explored the archetypal journey of being a man in modern culture and created a performance that re-enacted key events in their life and told the story of their experience of what has shaped and defined them as men.

Four women each selected a goddess from a world mythology and explored her life journey through the archetypal themes and story of that deity. Facilitated by Olivia Woodford, they created a performance that expressed and told the story of how their lives have expressed the beauty, pathos and expression of a the goddesses Ereskigal, Cerridwen, Baba Yaga and Pele.

Parsifal and The Holy Grail

Four women explored the themes of exile and redemption in the biblical story of Moses and how this related to their own life story. Facilitated by Olivia Woodford they created a performance that expressed and told the story of their journey to wholeness, from exile to revelation, and how their inspiration became the gift they used to serve the world and their communities.


Performance Gallery

Five individuals, facilitated by Olivia Woodford, explored the Arthurian tale of Parsifal, what the Holy Grail is for them and their personal journey to realize the Grail in their lives. Together they created a performance that re-enacts the story of their call to adventure, the challenges they faced, the crisis of having it within their reach only to vanish, and the road back to finding the Grail once again.

The Dark Feminine


Sleeping Beauty Wakes

Find Vitality and Your Voice within a Story

Three women took a trip down fairy tale lane to discover how the story of Sleeping Beauty is alive in their life.  Through the journey, each discovered that this is the story of everywomen. The Healing Theatre performance created from improvisation and inquiry, directed by Olivia Woodford, tells their story, a story of going asleep to themselves and the process of waking up to their true nature and beauty.