Embody Your Story; Become Enlivened

The mission of Healing Theatre is to provide a creative method for discovering the mythic dimension of life using personal story, archetypes and theater.

Workshops, performances labs and retreats provide a dynamic experiential process that encourages participants to express the hidden and heroic. Believing that each individual possesses everything they need within themselves, Healing Theatre assists participants in accessing a greater sense of well-being and discovering new possibilities within their lives.

Participation in Healing Theatre fosters courage, compassion, connection, collaboration, creativity and community.



Olivia Woodfordis the Founder of Healing Theatre, and has led workshops and created original theatre productions since 1992. She has a  BFA in Theater from Boston University and has performed and directed in Off-Broadway and Regional theaters. Olivia has taught theatre in public and private schools and to people of all ages. She also has one-woman shows depicting the sacred feminine that she tours throughout the country.

Olivia is  a theatre artist, certified life coach, storyteller and mythic astrologer. She has also been a licensed massage therapist and creativity facilitator.  She was director of Staff Development at Kripalu, at holistic retreat and education center in Lenox, MA and Development Director for Revels, a performing arts company in Cambridge, MA that created celebrations for each equinox and solstice.

 As the Director of Health Arts Network at Duke, she superivsed the visual, literary and performing arts programming for Duke Hospital and Cancer Clinic.  Her rich background and spiritual practice have fostered compassion for the human
journey and what she brings to and offers the Healing Theatre experience



Olivia's Journey into healing theatre


The joy of theater grabbed hold of me at age 4.  I was creating plays with neighborhood kids before I ever even saw one! 

Finally, at age 6 my mother took me to see a play.  It was about Raggedy Ann and Andy, whom I  loved because they had red hair like me and they also had red hearts drawn on their chests.  In the play, a bad wolf was after the Raggedies.  I was enjoying the play until something unexpected happen, Andy came running off the stage and into the audience.  My eyes widened; it was as if he had jumped out of a television screen.  Then to my amazement, the wolf came next!  In shock, I immediately hid under my seat.  The next thing I remember is my Mother had brought me backstage and I was standing in front of the wolf.  The actor was taking the mask head off and putting it back on, again and again, until I realized it was a man playing a wolf.  Amazing.

Theatre is magical.  Over the arch of the theatre I performed in while at Boston University was a large sign that said “As T’wer to Hold a Mirror up to Nature”.  Shakespeare.  And this is the very essence of what I have found in the 50 years I have been engaged in theater.  We all come to it and see ourselves in the reflection of what transpires onstage.  Read More