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“Healing Theatre affirms
life as it is,
the potential of the human spirit,
and the voice of the individual.”

Make art of your life with Healing Theatre, a creative form of self-development that uses personal story, mythology and theatre.

This innovative and experiential process facilitates the heroic journey of authentic self-expression, well-being, and full participation in life.

Healing Theatre workshops, retreats and performance labs provide a method to be seen, known and acknowledged in a deeply satisfying way.

Experiences are held within your body and contain your story. The stories you tell yourself and others define who you are. Embodying your stories brings them to life. Exercises are provided that engage the body and voice, giving access to hidden vitality, creativity and passion.

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By listening to other's stories and viewing your own within the context of a world myth or folktale, added meaning and dimension are found within your personal mythology.

Performance labs culminate in a performance that is a powerful life-affirming and creative act. Audience members reflect on their own stories as they identify with the participants onstage.

Healing Theatre is about strengthening community by celebrating the life journey of its individuals, exp-eriencing the inter-relatedness of all life, and supporting each person in becoming the creator of their life by making art of their story.


Radiate Your Light

into The World

February 13, 2015 7pm talk

February 14  10-4 Workshop

Asheville, NC

Friday evening is open to all who want to come. The story of the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu will be told. Key archetypal elements wll be discussed.  An optional exercse will be offered to engage the story withn themselves. The Saturday workshop will further delve into findng yourself in the story and the story in you.


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